IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: It is with regret that I must announce the closure of League 2 Fantasy Football. More information.

Website Closed

It is with sadness and regret that I must announce the closure of League 2 Fantasy Football.

Without paying several thousands of pounds a season to the likes of Opta, the data I receive to build the stats comes from a third party who regularly change the format of their information.

As a result, each season, and often mid-way through a season, I am required to make some extensive change to the website. Despite repeated efforts, I was unable to aquire additional funding (or support of any kind) from The Football League, SkyBet or any of the main league sponsors.

While I have enjoyed creating and maintaining this website, life moves on and priorities change. The donations and advertising on the site just about cover the costs of the domain name and web hosting - with some luck there is some loose change left over to offer a prize at the end of the season.

Despite their lack of support, The Football League is a fantastic organisation and often set the precidence that other leagues, including our own Premier League, duplicate. I would not like my experiences with them to deminish the good work they do. The Football League is a brilliant place to be.

I hope you have enjoyed playing the game over the last four years and that it has helped the Saturdays pass a little smoother. As a Gillingham fan, it has helped some dull Tuesday evenings a little more interesting and some fantastic Saturday afternoons even better.

Please be assured that all personal data I hold has been deleted.

All the best to you and your team for the future.